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Burn Fat

Reproduced by kind permission of www.weightlossforgood.co.uk 

Burning fat is all about using up more calories than you take in. 

If you eat more calories than your body uses throughout the day, these additional calories will be stored as body fat. 

To prevent a build up of body fat you need to either reduce your calorie intake or increase your daily activity levels - doing both will have the best effect on reducing body fat. 

The more fat you want to lose then the greater the amount of calories you have to burn off. This means exercise!. Regular workouts, tied with a healthy balanced diet is the best way to work off that fat, and get a new slim shape.

Once you have trained your body to be an efficient fat-burner, you can have your cake and eat it, too. To be an efficient fat burner you need to increase your muscle density. The muscles are where all the calories are burned during exercise - the more efficient the muscles at burning fat - the quicker weight loss will be achieved.

And believe it or not, you actually have to eat more to be a good fat burner. If you deprive yourself of food or fat, your body will go into survival mode and slow itself down to prepare for a possible famine. Basal Metabolic Rate will decrease, and your body will not want to burn off any excess calories in a hurry just in case you're not going to feed yourself for a while. Then, over time, your metabolism will slow down dramatically, making it harder and harder to burn fat, lose weight and keep it off.

More detailed tips on how to BURN FAT can be found at http://www.weightlossforgood.co.uk/burn_fat.htm




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