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Media rooms are very popular these days as they are great for entertaining friends and/or relatives whether you enjoy playing video games or watching movies, but what should you bear in mind when creating one. 

Hiding Wiring

With all the components and electronic equipment involved when creating a media room it is always difficult to know what to do with all the cables and wires.

One way of dealing with the matter is to purchase a purpose built media cabinet to house the television and other electrical equipment as well as plenty of storage for other treasured items.

If you are purchasing new speakers then it maybe a good idea to consider a wireless speaker system as this will also help to reduce the number of wires and cables. 

There are cabinets available that are made to house differing sizes of television although it is more difficult to find those large enough for the new extra big screen models and they are more expensive.

Some televisions can be mounted on the wall but great care should be taken to ensure this is done correctly to avoid accidents.

The wires can be hidden in channels within the wall but this is a fairly permanent solution. 

Lighting the Media Room

Unless you intend to use your media room for other pastimes there is little need for bright lighting but any lights should be directed away from the screen to avoid glare.  You can accomplish this by the use of track lights which allow the lights to be directed away from the television or onto the floor for an even more subtle effect.  Side lamps and dimmer switches can also help create the right atmosphere.

Curtains and blinds can also help darken a room on a sunny day should the need arise. 



Installing an acoustic fabric wall will not only insulate the media room from extraneous noises but will also help isolate the room from other parts of the house which is advisable when playing boisterous and noisy video games.

If it is not viable to insulate the whole room it may be worth considering just soundproofing the wall that is adjacent to the part of the house most often occupied.

Audio equipment is continually evolving but a surround sound system creates a realistic theatre experience. 


It is important that any seating is positioned at an appropriate distance from the screen.  Too close may cause neck and back ache and may distort the picture and too far can detract from the viewing experience.

The height and position of the screen should also be considered at the point of installation.

The image on some screens deteriorates badly when viewed at an angle so this is another thing to bear in mind when installing any seating.

Each manufacturer will state the optimum viewing distance from their particular screen so check the operator's manual prior to installation.

The number of seats will depend on the number of people regularly using the room at any time.  Occasional and/or temporary seating such as floor cushions or bean bags, can be included to cater for the times when extra numbers are required..



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