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"Hints and Things is my way of trying to share all those little pearls of wisdom
that used to be passed from generation to generation"
June Jackson

For all those pet matters and any animal related subjects, visit the Kennel Why not come out to the garden for tips and advice on many subjects relating to gardening and nature For all things musical this is your place If it is culinary information you need e.g. recipes, shortcuts, weights and measure etc. My Games room includes puzzles, brain teasers, game cheats and much much more For hints and things for everyday life try here Bathroom contains information, hints, tips and advice on things such as hair, make-up, beauty, weight and much much more For reference matters try the library For all those stain removal, cleaning and laundry tips everyone loves The workshop contains hints,tips, and information on DIY, hobbies and crafts Visit the garage for many hints and things relating to cars and motoring If it doesn't belong in any other room, try here! For information, hints, tips, advice and help relating to raising children including games, nursery rhymes etc., to keep them amused Another great reference room with many subjects covered from small business and home finance to reference resources In order to help you locate the information, hint or tip you are looking for, we have used a house plan format with information being placed in the most appropriate room. With so much information it is hard to give an indication of each rooms contents but hover over a room and a list of the hints and tips that you may find will appear. Of course you can always just search Hints and Things by using the search link below


Hello, thanks for popping in, whilst you are here why not take a look around. There is something for everybody - information, advice, hints, tips, interesting articles on a wide range of subjects such as DIY, stain removal, car maintenance, beauty, finance, sports, hobbies, gardening, pets, children and much, much more. 

Click on a room, either on the above plan or side panel, to see what is on offer in that particular room.

You will find - Car and motoring topics in the Garage; Cleaning and laundry in the Utility Room; DIY, hobbies and crafts in the Workshop; Cosmetics, beauty and healthcare in the Bathroom and so on. With nearly 1000 pages it is impossible to mention everything but that is the fun of it, go and explore you never know what you may find behind the door.

 If you are looking for something in particular it maybe quicker and easier to use the search facility below to search the whole site.  

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Beauty, health and bathroom related hints, tips and information.




Home owners are paying off mortgages at a quicker rate than ever before – there are lots of tips on how to reduce your mortgage and own your own home outright, here are just a few suggestions on how to attain mortgage free living.


Nobody knows the future, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared by having an inventory of our worldly possessions for our homes. To find out more on how to make a good inventory for your home insurance policy read our guide on how to make an inventory for insurance purposes.


Plumbing disasters - A comprehensive home insurance policy with accidental damage cover will replace items damaged by plumbing disasters. Read our guide to find out how else you can handle plumbing disasters.


Refurbishing and updating bathroom suites need not be expensive, there are several simple things you can do to give your bathroom a make-over without breaking the bank.


Articles on the complex subject of insurance can be found in the 'Office' section in the site.

Unfortunately at some point in our lives disaster will strike and we will be forced to make a claim with our home insurance provider. Whether the cause was an ‘Act of God’, extreme weather conditions or a break-in, these are just some of the problems that affect homeowners around the world.

Motor and Van Insurance should not be forgotten and great savings can be made by shopping around. 

Travel insurance varies greatly from provider to provider so it is vital the small print is checked to ensure that the cover is correct for the purpose. There are many different providers offering a variety of cover, some of which is very specialised.






Games, sports and puzzles hints, tips and information.


Cars, vehicles, motoring, driving and garage related tips and information. 


Garden, gardening, plants and planting related hints, tips, information and advice.


Pet, animal and bird related information, hints, and tips.


Cooking, food, recipes and kitchen related hints, tips and information.


Hints, tips and information related to Books, reference, language, words etc.


Soft furnishing, furniture, decor, entertaining and living room related hints, tips and information.


Hints, tips and information related to Music, instruments, lyrics etc.


Hints, tips and information related to all aspects of parenting, children and child care.


Hints, tips and information on jobs, interviews, business, paper sizes, property, finance etc.


Bedroom related information and all other sundries including travel, weddings, shopping and fashion.


Hints, tips and information on all aspect of cleaning, laundry and stain removal.


Hints, tips and information on DIY, decorating, tools, refurbishment, tradesmen, security, hobbies and crafts etc.







A quick guide to the contents of each room

There are over 900 pages on this site covering a diverse range of subjects.  These have been split up into 14 different rooms in the hope that this will make it easier for visitors to find what they want. Some are fairly obvious e.g. cleaning/stain removal will be in the Utility Room, anything to do with cars, transport etc., will be found in the Garage whilst parenting and child related topics are in the Nursery.  Some things maybe a little harder to define, below you will find the location of some of the more obscure items. 



The spareroom covers all those things which do not fit comfortably in other rooms. 

As there is no bedroom in the Hints and Things house you have to visit the Spareroom  for information, hints and tips on subjects such as bed linen, beds, bed frames, mattresses, soft furnishings,blinds, decor, rugs, flooring but it also covers shopping, gifts and many other subjects. 

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Kitchen Hints, articles and topics relating to food, cooking and the kitchen, kitchen appliances, can be found here together with kitchen refurbishment and design. 

More information, hints and tips on home improvement can also be found in the Workshop. 

The office section contains a wide variety of articles, hints and information on subjects such as jobs, job interviews, paper sizes, home finance, Home Insurance, mortgages, computers, technology, business related articles etc.

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The workshop is home to crafts and hobbies as well as anything to do with home improvements, home/business security and DIY.

We all know that one of the cheapest and yet most effective ways to save money and energy and yet keep your home warm, is to buy insulation such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. There are, however, many other things we can do to save on heating costs.

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