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There may be some time in your life when you need to know the symbol for a particular chemical element or to find out what element a symbol represents.  Hopefully, the following table will provide the answers.

If you need to learn these for a forthcoming exam you can use this test to help you revise.

actinium Ac mendelivium Md
aluminium Al mercury Hg
americium Am molybdenum Mo
antimony Sb neodymium Nd
argon Ar neon Ne
arsenic As neptunium Np
astatine At nickel Ni
barium Ba niobium Nb
berkelium Bk nitrogen N
beryllium Be nobelium No
bismuth Bi osmium Os
boron B oxygen O
bromine Br palladium Pd
cadmium Cd phosphorus P
caesium Cs platinum Pt
calcium Ca plutonium Pu
californium Cf polonium Po
carbon C potassium K
cerium Ce praseodymium Pr
chlorine Cl promethium Pm
chromium Cr protactinium Pa
cobalt Co radium Ra
copper Cu radon Rn
curium Cm rhenium Re
dysprosium Dy rhodium Rh
einsteinium Es rubidium Rb
erbium Er ruthenium Ru
europium Eu rutherfordium Rf
fermium Fm samarium Sm
fluorine F scandium Sc
francium Fr selenium Se
gadolinium Gd silicon Si
gallium Ga silver Ag
germanium Ge sodium Na
gold Au strontium Sr
hafnium Hf sulphur S
hahnium Ha tantalum Ta
helium He technetium Tc
holmium Ho tellurium Te
hydrogen H terbium Tb
indium In thallium Tl
iodine I thorium Th
iridium Ir thulium Tm
iron Fe tin Sn
krypton Kr titanium Ti
kurchatovium Ku tungsten W
lanthanum La uranium U
lawrencium Lr vanadium V
lead Pb xenon Xe
lithium Li ytterbium Yb
lutetium Lu yttrium Y
magnesium Mg zinc Zn
manganese Mn zirconium Zr

Why not take our chemical element and symbol test to see how many of the symbols you can remember?



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