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Beautiful Broadway Play Themes for a Music Room

by Alyssa Davis

If you have a family music room in your home, decorating it to reflect a particular theme can be a lot of fun. One style that never goes out of style is decorating the room to reflect a Broadway play theme. With so many options to choose from, ranging from vintage Broadway themes right up to modern plays, decorating your game room as a tribute to Broadway can be a lot of fun while producing beautiful results.

Deciding on an Overall Decorating Theme Broadway sign

There are so many different options when choosing a Broadway theme that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which way to go.

You could decorate the room based on a single play, such as a Cats, Phantom of the Opera, or West Side Story theme. This can be a lot of fun if you have a favorite Broadway play, or if one play has particular sentimental meaning to you or another family member.

For example, if your child was in a school or community theater play that was a rendition of a Broadway play, or if you and your partner met while at a particular play, decorating the game room as a tribute to that show can be quite meaningful.

Or, you could choose a particular era, such as plays from the fifties or modern plays.

You can also decorate with an overall musical theme, featuring the popular songs from a wide variety of Broadway musicals.

musical notes

Finding the Decorating Supplies

Locating supplies to decorate a Broadway play themed room can be extremely easy.

You could start with memorabilia you already own, such as record albums from musicals, posters, or even programs or playbills from shows that you have seen.

Coffee table books that feature a particular Broadway play are also nice to add to a music room, as are music sheets from the various songs in plays.

Depending on the play, you might also be able to find knick knacks, sculptures or other decorating accents based on the theme.

If you have any photographs or autographs from Broadway actors, whether they are famous or obscure, these can also be framed and used as wall art.

If you plan to paint any designs directly on the wall, such as a few lines from the lyrics of a song from your favorite musical, you can use regular latex wall paint or acrylic craft paints in the appropriate colors.

Broadway Decorating Ideas

Once you have decided on an overall theme and gathered some decorating supplies, you can start decorating.

You can decorate the entire music room with a Broadway theme, or confine your decorating efforts to one "Broadway wall." Either way, framing the various pieces you have found, such as album covers, play programs, posters and sheet music, can make for a very interesting and decorative wall display.

If you can find any authentic posters advertising a play, these can add a wonderfully authentic touch.

show girl in top hat

If you are featuring several different plays within the room, you could use a different wall of the room for each theme. Or, mix them up to create a motley assortment of Broadway fun. Whichever method you choose, your music room will definitely benefit from the design and inspiration of Broadway.

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