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The following verses are more appropriate for the older child as an aid to remembering those difficult dates and subjects:-



stands for playmates TEN;

for FIVE stout, stalwart men;

for ONE, as I'm alive;

for HUNDRED and D for FIVE*** (This is five hundred)

for a THOUSAND soldiers true,

L for FIFTY, I'll tell you.

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Important dates in History

William the Conqueror, ten sixty-six        (1066)
Played on the Saxons oft cruel tricks.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
In fourteen hundred and ninety-two        (1492)

The Spanish Armada met it's fate,
In fifteen hundred and eighty-eight.        (1588)

In sixteen hundred and sixty-six             (1666)
London burnt like rotten sticks.



Anyone who has had to learn English will know just how difficult it can be coming to terms with all the various pronunciations - words where some syllables contain the same letters but the pronunciation is very, very different.

Sarah Nicholson has kindly provided the following link to a site featuring a fun poem highlighting many of these idiosyncrasies.

Rhymes can make learning fun for all concerned and there are others on site including one to help with simple arithmetic, several to help when teaching the alphabet, others for memory, counting stones and a few for older children.






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