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Chip Pan  and Electrical Fires


The best thing to remember when there is a fire in the house is -




Smoke, especially from plastic-foam upholstery, can kill in less than two minutes.


It is a good idea, however, to know how to deal with small household emergencies.


Chip or Frying pan fire

Step 1            

Turn off the heat on the cooker immediately.

Step 2            

Carefully cover the pan with a lid, plate, damp tea towel or fire blanket.



DO NOT throw water on it. 

DO NOT move the pan.

DO NOT uncover the pan for at least half an hour, even though the flames seem to have died down.  The addition of any oxygen reignites the flames.


Burning Electrical socket or appliance


Step 1            

Switch off the electricity at the main fuse box.


Find out where the main fuse box is situated in readiness for any emergency.

Step 2            

Extinguish the fire with water or fire extinguisher (ensuring it is suitable for
                        this purpose).


DO NOT throw water on an appliance or fitting when the electricity is still turned on.

DO NOT touch any switch on a burning appliance or fitting.


Burning TV or Computer

Step 1            

Switch off at the main fuse box or take out the plug .

Step 2            

Smother the fire with a blanket, rug or preferably a fire blanket if one is to           hand.


DO NOT use water or fire extinguisher.  This is because residual electricity main remain in the appliance.


Smell of burning, or sparks, from an appliance

Step 1            

If the item in question has a plug, turn off the socket switch and pull out the plug.

If the item is a fixed appliance (no plug), turn off the main switch at the fuse box BEFORE  turning off the switch on the appliance.

Step 2            

Get the item checked by a qualified electrician.


Smell of burning, or sparks, from a socket or plug

Step 1            

Turn off the main switch at the fuse box.

Step 2             

If it is the plug which is hot, carefully remove it from the socket.  The electricity can now be turned back on.

Step 3            

Check the plug's connections, fuse contacts and flex for damage.  Renew or replace as necessary.

Step 4            

If it is the socket which is hot, remove the relevant circuit fuse from the main fuse box.  The power can now be turned back on.


Familiarise yourself with the main fuse box in order to be prepared in an emergency.

Step 5           Call a qualified electrician to examine the socket.





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