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Whether or not we are art connoisseurs, we are all familiar with picture frames.  They come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of different styles and materials and are widely available from many different sources e.g. charity/thrift shops, garage sales, diy/decorating stores, department stores, antique shops and markets, to name but a few.  Pictures can often be bought very cheaply and, whilst the art itself may not be to your liking, the frame itself could be very useful.

They don't, however, have to be used to display paintings, works of art or photographs;  with a little imagination they can be transformed to create a stunning and original addition to the decor any room in the house.

Here are just a few but I am sure you will have many others of your own.

One of the easiest things to do is to frame an attractive piece of fabric or you can even choose a section of wallpaper that complements your room and decor.

If the item is to placed in a kitchen you could use attractive product wrappers, wine labels or doilies displayed on a coloured background.

collection of pictures

Music lovers may like to display sheet music, old CDs or CD covers, music related programmes, show tickets etc. Other mementos can also be displayed in this way e.g. wedding invitations, orders of service etc.

If you have a specific theme or colour scheme in mind a creative collage can be made using relevant pictures sourced from old calendars or magazines: for example, cartoon or TV characters for a nursery or Delft pottery for a blue/white kitchen.

elderly lady creating art Certificates are often seen in Office or study areas but have you ever thought of making a display using old stamps, letters or even items of decorative stationery?

Snippets of lace, crochet or antique handkerchiefs can also be displayed in this way.  Alternatively, you can cut out suitable elements from a fabric design to create a design or collage.

If the depth of the frame is sufficient dried or pressed flowers, shells, mosaics of glass and/or tiles can also be used to create a unique piece of art.

Frames do not have to hung on walls;  they can be used as decorative trays on side tables or in a bedroom.  They are particularly practical for this purpose as the glass protects furniture from water spillage.

Smaller frames can be used to edge a headboard - it is probably safer to remove the glass and cover the frame back board with either fabric or paper.  If the frames are identical they can be arranged in a row, otherwise they could be placed alternately at an angle to create a decorate feature.

Another idea is to replace the glass with a mirror which has been cut to size.

Perhaps the easiest thing of all is to remove the existing art and glass and use the empty frame to highlight a specific feature or part of wallpaper design.

mirror on stand

If you have any other suggestions of your own please send them in so they can be added to this page.

Libby Berkers has done just that ........

I turned my shadow box photo frame into an earring stand by removing the glass and threading string or wire across the gap where the photo would normally go... easy, simple, and not very time consuming




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